Life’s not quite what you want it to be. You feel numb, angry, sad, lonely, or anxious more than you’d like, and you find yourself using food to quiet these feelings.

In fact, food’s one of the only areas in your life where you let yourself indulge. But as a result, you’re stuck in a cycle of “being good”, followed by a binge, followed by beating yourself up, followed by another period of “being good”, and so on...

Do you regularly set yourself a strict diet, only to repeatedly fall off the wagon?

Do the so-called “right” foods seem boring and restrictive, while the “bad” foods seem oh-so-fun?

Are you ready to stop stuffing your body with food that’s hurting it?

Are you reading this and nodding, feeling embarrassed that someone knows, and relieved someone understands?

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

Imagine being able to maintain healthy, realistic, and still indulgent eating habits.

Imagine getting so connected with your body that you intuitively understand what it’s asking for, whether it’s a certain food or exercise or a particular life path.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do with difficult emotions so that they don’t lead you to binge eat.

Imagine knowing there’s chocolate in the drawer but forgetting about it for a few days (this has actually happened for several of my clients!!).

Imagine starting to eat one of your “forbidden foods” that you used to binge on, and putting it down halfway through cause it just doesn’t appeal to you any more (this too has happened for many clients).

Imagine getting excited about nourishing foods instead of junk food (and yes, this too happens for my clients).

Hey, if I can do it – and my clients can do it – you’ve got a pretty good chance of doing it too.

I invite you to browse these pages, read my story, and know that you’re not alone.

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