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I’m a licensed clinical social worker and holistic nutritionist, and I help my clients boost their mood and transform their relationship with food. I work in person in my Boulder, Colorado office, and via Skype.




  • Food takes up way too much of your brain space
  • You’re stuck in a cycle of “being good”, followed by a binge, followed by beating yourself up, followed by another period of “being good”, and so on
  • You’re ready to stop stuffing your body with food that’s hurting it

Check out the various ways I help my clients transform their relationship with food.


  • You’re stuck in chronic difficult emotions, thought patterns, or behaviors – think anxiety, depression, pessimism, guilt, depression, or intense substance cravings
  • You’re committed to using holistic interventions such as supplements and nutrition to improve your mood

Check out my Boost Your Mood with Supplements and Food program.

If both are an issue, explore the Boost Your Mood program first. Often, food cravings and binge eating can be stabilized a great deal through nutrition and biochemistry alone. After that, we can heal any disordered eating dynamics that remain via therapy.

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